Welcome to St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School Wyong. Your family is welcome to submit an application for enrolment at our school. Enrolment forms can be found below, with application packages also available from the school office.

We recognise that some families may feel that the financial costs may be too great and wish to emphasise that we will work with families to make Catholic schooling available to those who desire it.

An important part of the enrolment process is an interview with the Principal, and your child attending a school readiness process, which takes place on nominated days prior to enrolment. Please contact the school office to make suitable appointment times.

There is one general admission of children to Kindergarten each year. In the case of excessive applications, enrolment offers will be based on the Diocesan Enrolment Policy. The age of your child may also be taken into account.

Enrolment Process during COVID-19

To complete the Enrolment form

  1. Download the enrolment form
  2. Complete your child’s enrolment details
  3. Save the form as a PDF
  4. Email to the school office scw@dbb.catholic.edu.au

Upon receipt of your child’s enrolment form, we will contact you to invite you to meet with the Principal.

Virtual Enrolment Information Session Primary School Enrolment Form Enrolment 2021 Cover Letter Form to be filled out by preschool for kinder enrolments Statement of Faith Form Parent Information Booklet Kindergarten 2021 Information Evening and Fun Morning Postponement Out of Area Request Form 2020 School Fees

Hints & Tips for Starting Kindergarten

Things to practice before starting kindergarten

  • Holding a pencil properly
  • Writing their first name
  • Recognising their own name
  • Using scissors
  • Tying shoe laces
  • Doing up buttons
  • Knowing how to ask to go to the toilet
  • Toilet hygiene
  • Following simple instructions
  • Knowing what food is for little lunch (recess) and what food is for big lunch
  • How to open and close their drink bottle
  • Knowing if they will go on the walker’s line, or on a bus, and which bus is theirs

Hints about school bags & personal items

It’s a good idea to put a small key ring or figure on your child’s bag for easy recognition as all the school bags will look the same.
Ensure your child’s lunchbox, small containers, drink bottle, clothing and other items are clearly labelled and easy for your child to recognise.

Hints for the first day of school

  • Introduce your child to their teacher
  • Inform the teacher who will collect your child
  • Take your child to the class lines
  • At the conclusion of the morning assembly, say goodbye and leave
  • If your child becomes upset try to reassure them or give them to the teacher. The quicker you leave, the quicker they will calm down and get into a classroom routine
  • When you come to collect your child – SMILE – they’ve survived their first day at school

Suggestions for parents

  • Make your child feel good about themselves and about learning. Encourage every effort. Try to praise rather than criticise
  • Read to them from the earliest age. There is no better way to create the desire to read. This should be a daily occurrence
  • Give gifts of simply-written and well-illustrated books on a whole range of topics, both fiction and non-fiction
  • Encourage children to write regularly in a variety of ways – letters, diaries, factual accounts, imaginative stories etc
  • Try to cultivate a sense of number, size, length, height, width, volume, area, weight and time in everyday life. Join with them in estimating, counting, calculating etc
  • Discuss everyday happenings. Encourage questions and show how answers can be found
  • Regularly give them one of the most precious gifts you can – your time!
Hints & Tips for Starting Kindergarten - Download and print a copy here LEAP at Home Activities Book Loving Bears LEAP at Home Maths Patterns Puzzles Number

Useful policies can be found below

Diocesan Enrolment Policy 2020 Privacy Policy for Diocesan Schools CSO Anti-Bullying Policy Diocesan Medication Policy

COVID-19 Fee Relief

Catholic Schools Broken Bay are committed to supporting families as the impact of COVID-19 continues to be felt in the community. No family will be excluded from our school because of financial difficulties.

Even if you have not enrolled yet, we would like to offer the following help with school fees if you need it:

  • A full reduction on ALL fees if your family gets JobSeeker.
  • A 50%+ reduction on ALL fees if one parent in your family gets JobKeeper.

If you are unsure if your family can get fee help or need assistance completing the form please contact our COVID-19 FEE HELP HOTLINE on 9847 0728 (8am – 4pm Monday to Friday).

Please find the 2021 Fee Relief Request form here and return to us at schoolfees@dbb.org.au