Diocesan Parent Council

The Diocesan Pastoral Council (DPC) aims to support the participation of all parents in our Catholic school communities and strengthen the partnership between Parents, School and Parish.

The Broken Bay Diocesan Parent Council (DPC) is the official Parent Body recognised by the Bishop and the Catholic Schools Office (CSO) to represent all parents/carers of children attending Catholic Schools in the three Clusters of the Diocese of Broken Bay.

Each school’s P&F Association has representation on their DPC Cluster Parent Council, and each of the three Clusters has members on the DPC Executive Team. One person represents the Diocese on the State Parent Council –CCSP Council of Catholic School Parents.

The Diocesan Parent Council (DPC) aims to …

Support parents in their role with their families
Promote and strengthen the parent/parish/school partnership
Be a voice for parents at Diocesan and State levels
Promote the Catholic School parent perspective at Diocesan and State levels.

By developing and providing resources to assist parents in their leadership roles within their
school community, we are encouraging the proactive involvement of ALL parents in Catholic
Schools and Parish Communities.

The Diocesan Parent Council of Broken Bay organises and hosts a series of Parent Seminars throughout the year which are highly informative and practical on a large range of topics at no cost. See the school calendar for dates.

The Diocesan Parent Council of Broken Bay also distributes a newsletter called ‘Broken Bay Parent News’ to families each term.

Take a look at the DPC website for resources to help parents.