Awards and Acknowledgements

St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School is a community that continually aims to promote, support and maintain a positive approach to education. We believe that all students, their families and staff have the right and responsibility to create and experience a safe, respectful and cooperative learning environment. Therefore, we implement proactive strategies to teach and support appropriate student behaviours. This maximises students’ learning and helps them self-manage their choices which empowers them to let their light shine.


St Cecilia’s Primary School community is committed to:

  • Teach,
  • Practise,
  • Apply, and
  • Acknowledge appropriate behaviours


Part of this process involves the acknowledgement of students who are doing their personal best, both academically and behaviourally. Below is a basic outline of the some whole school methods used to positively acknowledge student achievements:


Class Awards(FORTNIGHTLY) – In Wednesday’s newsletter, the Class Award recipients are listed. The recipients are presented with their award on Friday morning assembly ‘even weeks’ at 8:45am. All parents are welcome.

  • Academic Achievement Award – Highlighting academic excellence in class tasks or Learning Areas.
  • Personal Best Award – Targeting student improvement in all areas – academically, socially and behaviourally.
  • PBL Award: All staff (class teachers, librarians, office staff, learning support and canteen coordinator) present at least one PBL award to a student for behaviour in regards to the weekly PBL focus.
  • Light of Learning Award: (TERMLY – WEEK 8) Once a term a child from each class is selected for continuing to “Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works.” (Matt 5:16) The light this child has shared with others, inspires others to shine. 


PBL House Points (ONGOING) – These points are collected in class and then the weekly point total in each class is to be completed by the teacher in the school online Colour House Points form. The cumulative total of house point gathered over the term is displayed in the glass cabinet upon entry into the school and the Colour House with the most points at the end of the term wins a reward as a whole colour house team. Parents will be notified of the reward system their child’s colour house received.

Colour house point focus is on the fortnightly PBL rule to further promote this behaviour expectation for that fortnight. If teachers have their own unique in-class behaviour strategies, they are encouraged to marry these strategies with the house point system in some way, to maintain a consistent whole school approach. Tokens are given out at lunch time to children who earn any house points and they take them back to their teacher after lunch to add the total to the class tally of house points.



Shine Awards (DAILY; 3-5)Teachers give out 3-5 shine awards daily in their class and parents will receive a Compass notification when their child has received a Shine award. Below is an outline around the tiered reward system for Shine Awards. If children reach one of the levels, a notification with a  will be sent via Compass to parents and the following week the child certificate from the Principal or Assistant Principal at Monday morning’s assembly. Parents and carers are always welcome.

Children receive a Shine Award in class or on the playground when a child is ‘caught’ at any time demonstrating any of the PBL rules of Acting Safely, Respecting Others or Cooperating. Teachers will clearly state why the student received the Shine Award and how this affected their learning or our school community in a positive way. Consistent and common language associated with the twelve visibly expected PBL rules and behaviours is named by staff to acknowledge when a child has let their light shine or even fostered the light in those around them and those who need support.




End of Year Awards Ceremony (ANNUALLY)4 awards in each class are given out at the end of each year at the Whole School End of Year Mass. Parents are notified via email that their child will be receiving an award, however the award is not specified in the email and it is asked that parents keep this a surprise for their child. The awards distributed are as follows:


  • Academic Progress – This award recognises a child who has made significant gain, growth or increasing proficiency along a continuum of learning in a specific learning area or across the board.
  • St Cecilia’s Creative Arts Award – This award recognises a child’s personal creative development, as an artist or art leader, building creativity, leadership, and communication skills. The child who receives the Arts Award could be recognised in any area of the arts, including dance, drama, music or visual arts OR an all-rounder in this area.
  • ACE (Attitude, Commitment, Effort) Award- This child displays a positive attitude towards their learning, shows dedication and has given the best of their ability throughout the school year. Their strong work ethic has seen the child reach their potential and they have encouraged and enabled others to do the same.
  • Discipleship Award – This child follows the example of Jesus by helping others and leading a life of peace, joy and love. The child reflects Jesus’ love and goodness to others by being good citizens, showing that they are productive and caring members of society, treating others with respect and they respect the environment.