St Cecilia’s Home Learning

St Cecilia’s Home Learning

Dear Parents,

This is the link to the Home Based Learning site. This site is the same site as the previous Home-Based Activities site, but will have different content on it. The site will now have separate tabs for each grade or stage and will contain the weekly school work for your children. All the previous content will still be available as an additional resource.

It is expected that the children log into the Home Based Learning Google site which is now available. Children are to follow the weekly work set by the children and instructions have been supplied by the teachers.

In this learning space it is important that the students and teachers limit their interaction to normal school hours. Teachers will answer emails, Google Classroom questions and respond to children’s school work between 8:30am and 3:30pm each day from Monday to Friday. If you send anything outside these hours teachers will respond on the next school day. Even though teachers are working online, there will be times when they can’t instantly respond to every student all the time. Prepare for times when work is submitted and there won’t be an instant response.

It is normal at times to feel overwhelmed as a parent and student, and despite the wonderful efforts of our staff, there will be times you need to make a judgment and perhaps adjust or forget about a task. Always know you can ask the class teacher, but you can also make a home decision that will alleviate stress and make it easier for parent and child. We accept and respect that we are all learners in this new world and things will not always progress smoothly.