Liturgical Life

At St Cecilia’s we celebrate life through formal and spontaneous prayer at whole school, class and individual levels.

The School life is celebrated through Catholic prayer, liturgy and symbol. The way our community expresses its faith is highlighted in the following: 

  • Praying our School Prayer each week at morning assemblies.
  • Singing our School Song every week. (Within that School Song we look at where we have come from, what we presently do and how we can ‘Let our Light Shine’ on into the future).
  • Masses or liturgies are celebrated on specific Feast Days.
  • Grade Masses are celebrated throughout the year that the teachers and students of that grade are responsible for preparing.
  • Opening and closing school year Masses are celebrated.
  • Recognition of local and global issues are celebrated and acknowledged through prayer assemblies and liturgy.
  • Each class has a sacred space or prayer table.
  • Students participate in prayer and/or class based liturgies daily.
  • Children learn traditional Catholic prayers through the Religious Education modules taught in class and by participating in prayer within the classroom, at Mass and at assemblies.
  • Children learn about the Mass through the Religion Education modules taught in class and by participating and taking on various roles during class and school Masses.
  • Staff and executive meetings always begin with a staff-led prayer. The end of each term is marked with a staff liturgy.
  • Staff Prayer is held every Wednesday Morning. The Staff take turns in preparing and leading the prayer.
  • A Year 6 Graduation Mass is celebrated at the end of every year.