St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School Wyong, as part of the Catholic community, has the task of educating and forming young people as disciples of Jesus and providing them with opportunities to always ‘Let your Light Shine’.

St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School is a distinctly Catholic school where children are educated in the Catholic tradition and given the opportunity to follow Jesus.

For many students, Catholic schools offer the opportunity for contact with the Church in action. All aspects of school life are immersed in the discipleship of Jesus.

All members of the St Cecilia’s community have the task of educating students in the traditions of the Catholic faith inspiring all to be disciples of Jesus.

Vision Statement:

St Cecilia’s Catholic Primary School is an inclusive, safe, and nurturing place of learning where, united in our faith, students build strong relationships that foster trust, compassion, and respect.

Our Mission

In partnership with families, we are committed to:

  • In partnership with families, we are committed to:Strengthening and deepening student faith development and discipleship. Educating them in the knowledge and traditions of the Catholic Faith. 

    Providing a nurturing, welcoming, caring and inclusive community that values and caters for the needs of each individual student.  

    Developing students skills and confidence to challenge themselves, to be critical thinkers, to examine and question, explore connections and make informed and educated decisions.  

    Developing students’ ability to think creatively, be confident problem solvers and risk takers with a growth mindset. 

    Engaging students in authentic, collaborative and purposeful learning experiences, fostering a lifelong love of learning.  

    Supporting the wellbeing of each student, helping them to become resilient, tolerant and accepting of others whilst developing positive relationships. 

    Empowering students to act responsibly and contribute positively to the school and wider community.

Core Values

The St Cecilia’s Community strives to develop an atmosphere of respect, learning, safety, and cooperation in the way the staff, children, and parents relate to each other.

I am important, I will care for myself.
Others are important, I will care for others.
Our School is important; I will care for our environment.

I will co-operate by doing what is best for everyone.

I will keep myself safe.
I will keep others safe.
I will keep our school safe.

I am responsible for my own learning & I will be proud of my own achievements.
I will respect the learning of others & I will be proud of others’ achievements.
I will help create a positive learning environment.

“Let your light shine”

School Prayer School Song