At St Cecilia’s we believe that being able to competently communicate with others is central to our students’ intellectual, social and emotional development and has an essential role in all key learning areas. Therefore, the learning experiences we provide in English are engaging and meaningful and ensure that learning takes place within context.

Students learn about English language and literature, how language varies according to context and how to communicate to a range of audiences for different purposes through working with a wide range of print, spoken, visual, media, multimedia and digital texts. They are given the opportunity to create written and digital texts, and deliver formal and informal presentations.

Students will experience a range of texts, including Australian works, multiculturalism, Aboriginality and Australian identity, and Asian perspectives. Students from Kindergarten to Year Six will be engaged in the teaching of quality literature.

Through the integration of the three strands: reading, writing, speaking and listening, our students learn about language structures, punctuation, spelling and grammar.

We aim to encourage positive attitudes towards the learning of English, to develop students’ ability in using language effectively and to enable critical reflection of how language works. These learning experiences aim to develop each child’s knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that are all necessary to participate effectively in today’s society.